Under my umbrella: SPEEDtv.com

The SPEED channel, owned by parent company FOX sports, has possibly one of the most accessible, efficient, and credible websites dedicated to all things motorized.

The SPEED channel, being a popular automotive enthusiast television channel in the U.S, provides a wide variety of auto and motorcycle performance programs. From NASCAR to Formula 1 and from MotoGP to MX Freestyle. But also shown are “gear head” life style programs that center around the love of all things automotive. From high bidding auctions to game shows where contestants guess the 1/4 mile time of a car before it rockets down the strip.

What i love about the website is that it doesn’t fail to keep up with the strength of the TV channel. In fact, i think it goes above and beyond. The home page you are greeted with what, at first, looks like a lot of information. But this home page serves as some what of an umbrella page, something that covers all the bases. It’s like a free magazine that updates its self in front of you. Between Motor sport news or ¬†automotive news it is covered. The main interface presents to you the major headlines from all genres of racing and the automotive world running through the site at the moment. But if you don’t care for most of the news there, there are quick route tabs at the top guiding you to the section you want with the headlines and back stories you care about. You can easily find what you’re looking for whether it be a post race analysis or how much a Steve McQueen owned porsche just auctioned for in Arizona depending on the tab you click.

What’s more is that the people writing the articles aren’t random bloggers from around the globe who may or may not know what they are talking about. The people employed to write the articles are veteran journalists and analysts such as Adam Cooper, who has decades of experience. The presenters of Formula one on the SPEED channel are also men of experience. There is Steve Matchett, who was a mechanic for Williams F1 in there winning years and also a team principal and David Hobbs who is an ex-driver. Even if I had just watched a race i will check the website for post race banter just to see what they thought but didn’t get a chance to say on the air in videos about events in-race or discussions on the technology being used.

Now that I’m going to be in the U.K and have to listen to David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan on the “Beeb” for the remainder of the 2011 F1 season and the majority of the 2012 season, I’m still going to check back at SPEEDtv.com not just for F1 insights but also news from the rest of the motoring world.



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