The VW Cabrio is back and better than ever

Recently Volkswagen has redesigned the New Beetle, a car that was massively perceived as “girly”. The redesign has pushed it in a more “manly” and sporting direction with a wider looking stance and sharper lines. Volkswagen have now redirected their attention to another inherently feminine family member…the Cabrio.

It has been at least a decade since the world has seen a new Cabrio from the VW family. Well, it’s back and better than ever. The Cabrio has always been just a Golf with the roof replaced by folding fabric. Set for an official launch at this year’s Geneva Motor show VW has done one better and used the GTI as the platform.

Using all the racy and sporty GTI design cues, the new Cabrio GTI is furthest thing from a cutesy convertible. Deep front air dams and side sill extensions give the car a wide affirmative stance. And if any one has any doubts when you rocket by, the bespoke rear diffuser is flanked by two chrome tailpipes.

The rocket under the hood is the same 2.0 liter turbo charged 4 cylinder engine as in the hatch back combined with an ol’ fashioned 6 speed manual or the optional 6 speed dual-clutch DSG. As with all soft tops extra weight is added to better the torsion rigidity and as a result the 0-60 does suffer a bit, up to 7.3 seconds from 6.9. The Cabrio’s off the line speed is still nothing to shy away from with a max torque achieved at a close to an idling 1,700 rpm. All that low end torque mated with an electronic differential still gives you a great driving experience but now with the joys of open air driving. 


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