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Best bets on low insurance

 Whether seen as a right of passage or a privilege, passing your driving test is an exciting time for anyone. However, insurance premiums are guaranteed to rain on your parade. And if you’re under the age of 25 it can be a torrential down pour. According to the AA British Insurance Premium index, the average premium for the 25 and under bracket is £2,342 a year. The price of the quote depends on the type of car you pick. Insurers categorize different cars on a scale numbering 0ne to 20, one being the cheapest quote. Using we found which are the makes and models of cars are the cheapest to insure for buyers on the on the market for the first time.

Top ten cheapest cars to insure

Out of the 8,400 different cars available for purchase in the UK, this is a list of the top ten cheapest to insure.





Average Premium




Nova 1.2i Trip






Escort Ghia Tdi






Ami 8 Club






Mini Park Lane






Ibiza Salsa Diesel






Marbella Jeans






Escort Acapulco






Panda Selecta






Astra Arctic 2 16V





Driving down the cost of insurance

Part of the list is cars that are rare enough to not even bother looking for and are not going to be an option for most drivers. Many of the cars are actually special editions, which means they have more specifications on the trim in addition to the base level versions. Though similar models can be found through second hand dealers.

Along side choosing the right make and model, there are other means of driving down the cost of insurance. Research which grouping your vehicle falls into to get an idea of how expensive your quote will be with the Association of British Insurers.

Once you’ve given an arm and a leg for your car and its insurance, Telematics Technology might help you lower your premiums. Some insurers offer this technology that monitors driving habits through a tiny black box with a GPS signal attached to your car. The system rewards good and bad drivers accordingly.


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